All Who Wander Are Not Lost -JRR Tolkien

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Sometimes it feels like we are wandering through a land of shadows alone but we don't wander about thus. It is in knowing that we don't wander alone on this journey but rather we journey with Christ- for Christ- through Christ; trying to sort out life. That is our reassurance. We are fellow travelers with their varied stories to share and many songs to sing. We are journeying along through these shadows together. For me I am journeying away from an evangelical ,conservative religion to ( hopefully) becoming a true Christ follower. I invite you to journey along with me. That if you are so inclined; then by all means feel free to wander and ponder.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

A reasonable Fear

I haven't blogged much lately but something I saw on the news today triggered this. It seems that since health insurance reform was passed some people who disagree with it's passing have decided that it is OK to be demeaning and/or threatening to certain legislators. This really bothers me since I believe that we live in a society that should encourage civil discourse, in some case even civil disobedience,and if we disagree we should disagree agreeably. That makes sense to me. Isn't that we were taught in pre-school? That is was never OK to throw sand in the sand box. It was even worse to threaten someone with bodily harm, much less follow through on the threat. Sooooo- how come it has become OK to call legislators names or threaten some one who voted for or against health insurance reform? Is that who a responsible voter acts? Methinks that ( thanks to FOX News - Glenn Beck- Baba O'Rielly et al) it has some how become fashionable , for Conservatives at lest, to be immature and disagreeable in how they handle what they don't agree with. What scares me is that some cuckoo will decide it is alright to take a pot shot at some one, Especially if he/she/it hears 'God' telling them that it is Her/ His/It's will. I am worried that someone will get hurt. Can someone tell em when Politics or politcals views become a contact blood sport?

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