All Who Wander Are Not Lost -JRR Tolkien

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Sometimes it feels like we are wandering through a land of shadows alone but we don't wander about thus. It is in knowing that we don't wander alone on this journey but rather we journey with Christ- for Christ- through Christ; trying to sort out life. That is our reassurance. We are fellow travelers with their varied stories to share and many songs to sing. We are journeying along through these shadows together. For me I am journeying away from an evangelical ,conservative religion to ( hopefully) becoming a true Christ follower. I invite you to journey along with me. That if you are so inclined; then by all means feel free to wander and ponder.

Monday, June 13, 2011

Gettng my bearings

I was making noise last time about no real idea where my destination lay in terms of my faith journey. As I have had a chance to think about it I am not so sure that is accurate. After all as a proclaimed follower of Christ then my destination should be to imitate him. In Action. In thought. In everything. That should be the goal. I know it is mine. But what really strikes me about this is that although it is a goal I can,and do, choose. It is not a goal I can reach on my own. True there are many ways I can imitate Christ. I can be kind to others. I can offer them hope. I can bring a healing to a hurt soul. I can feed the hungry. I can weed out my closet and give clothes those who are in need of them more than I. I can exercise more patience in the Wal Mart parking lot on any given occasion.
But ultimately despite what I do I still need to acknowledge that Jesus made a voluntary sacrifice for me, along with the rest of humanity as well. On the Cross. By his Death, Burial, and Resurrection I have access to a power greater than myself to become something greater than myself. I think that is important. Rather – I don't think, I KNOW! So I do know my destination on this journey. Some call it Christ likeness. I call it becoming human. What God had in mind when he/she/it created us humans. To take charge of the Creation and our fellow humans that inhabit it.
So I have to revise my sating I don't know my destination on my faith journey. I do. It is clear. It is simple. But it will also be the death of me because I have to die to 'me'. This is where I need Christ [ and the Holy Spirit] to help me change. I like all my fellow humans are basically selfish. That selfishness makes in impossible to really fulfill the Great Command of loving the Lord God and then loving your neighbor [ as much or more than you love yourself my paraphrase].
Having said all that I am now of the realization that I know where I am headed. I still have many stops for the tricycle along the journey but at least I am somewhat better orientated.


Guy said...

Why do you refer to God as it. I think I understand the thought you are trying to imply by the he/she. God's revealed word uses the masculine pronoun. Why don't you?

Kris Hagel said...

I can safely say that I don't do it out of political correctness. I think my thinking in Referring to God as 'it' is because God transcends Gender[ or maybe we can say IS gender] the 'it' is the blending or the transcending. But then again I was trying to see if anyone was paying attention. Thanks for the input =0)

Anonymous said...

Nicely stated there Kris. Yes our faith is a journey, and no we don't necessarily know for sure the route we are having to take to get to whatever our destination is supposed to be. But that journey is certainly worth it.