All Who Wander Are Not Lost -JRR Tolkien

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Sometimes it feels like we are wandering through a land of shadows alone but we don't wander about thus. It is in knowing that we don't wander alone on this journey but rather we journey with Christ- for Christ- through Christ; trying to sort out life. That is our reassurance. We are fellow travelers with their varied stories to share and many songs to sing. We are journeying along through these shadows together. For me I am journeying away from an evangelical ,conservative religion to ( hopefully) becoming a true Christ follower. I invite you to journey along with me. That if you are so inclined; then by all means feel free to wander and ponder.

Friday, July 25, 2008

a nick in time

Well I am new to Blogger but I am not all that new to bloogging. I guess that I am just trying to get a little more 'public' with my self. Not that it makes all that much difference, I have a feeling I am writing more for myself than anything else. But I want to make blogging a discipline for myself as a writer(something that of late I have come to think of myself as) and besides it is good practice for my really horrible typing skills. hopefully I will post something more meaningful soon but for now it is a start. And it sure beats" the quick brown fox...."


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